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Meet Steve

An experimentation enthusiast hooked on details & technology.

Pushing the envelope of experimentation & technology to help corporates & creatives get noticed.

I am a Luxembourg-based motion designer & director who makes videos & visual installations from scratch.

They say that excellence is in the details, and they’re right. The quality of the end result is the sum of all those small decisions made along the way, from concept to completion.

Intelligent creativity informed by purpose is at the root of every project. Original, strategic videos done right have the power to explain, entertain and engage in a matter of seconds.

A pioneer of new media techniques, I enjoy pushing the envelope of inventiveness. Harnessing advancements in the realms of 3D modeling, animation & beyond lets me tap into the full scope of visual possibilities.

With a variety of corporate, government & individual clients, I regularly collaborate with a network of film & design experts & am always open to forging new commercial & artistic partnerships.

Have an idea? Eager to energize your audience?

Let’s talk.

Fields of expertise:

Motion design
Video production
Graphic design
Interactive media


Explainer videos
Corporate films
Event promos
Music videos
Live event films
VJ installations
Video/projection mapping
Art installations
New Media Consulting


3D animation studies at Supinfocom Valenciennes.
3D modeling & texture artist at Nwave Digital in Brussels.
Texture & compositing artist for numerous Luxembourg animation studios.
Compositing & 3D architectural visualization expert at in-visible.
Founder of Luxembourg’s first official VJ crew since 2000
(creating realtime visuals for bands (i.e. Artaban), art installations & shows.)
Founder of in 2004.

Do or do not. There is no “try”.

– Yoda –